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Supreme Protein (Peanut Butter Crunch, 86g*12/box)Supreme Protein (Peanut Butter Crunch, 86g*12/box)
Regular Price: ¥456.00 VIP Price: ¥387.60 You Save: 15.00%
Supreme Protein (Caramel Nut Chocolate, 96g*12/box)Supreme Protein (Caramel Nut Chocolate, 96g*12/box)
Regular Price: ¥456.00 VIP Price: ¥387.60 You Save: 15.00%
Dymatize Glutamine (300g)Dymatize Glutamine (300g)
Regular Price: ¥499.00 VIP Price: ¥399.20 You Save: 20.00%
Dymatize Creatine Monohydrate (300g)Dymatize Creatine Monohydrate (300g)
Regular Price: ¥399.00 VIP Price: ¥319.20 You Save: 20.00%
Dymatize MPS Post-Workout Matrix (350g, Fruit Punch)Dymatize MPS Post-Workout Matrix (350g, Fruit Punch)
Regular Price: ¥428.00 VIP Price: ¥342.40 You Save: 20.00%

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ON Gym Pack for NovemberON Gym Pack for November
Regular Price: ¥1 098.00 VIP Price: ¥778.00 You Save: ¥320.00
Family PackFamily Pack
Regular Price: ¥798.00 VIP Price: ¥478.00 You Save: ¥320.00
Winter PackWinter Pack
Regular Price: ¥396.00 VIP Price: ¥277.00 You Save: ¥119.00
NutriBullet ProNutriBullet Pro
Regular Price: ¥1 399.00 VIP Price: ¥1 259.10 You Save: 10.00%
Regular Price: ¥868.00 VIP Price: ¥781.20 You Save: 10.00%

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No One Hits A Homerun Every Time
Apparently it took Einstein over 1000 different projects and attempts before he successfully discovered light bulb.  NBA players before their career gets going have probably shot one hundred thousand…>> Read more
Why Train in Jiu-jitsu?
Everyone who watches Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) events would have witness the highly technical and effective skills of Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) in the cage or the ring. In fact, MMA was derived from BJ…>> Read more

World Health Store Events & CharitiesWHS Events & Sponsorships

WHS Supporting M1 Competition in Beijing
On Nov. 25th 2014, M1 will hold MMA competition in Beijing, as a nutrition company, WHS has two sponsored athletes competing. This Monday, WHS Director Jim Dawson went to ET gym to see D…>> Read more
WHS & Dymatize Sponsor MMA In Beijing
It gives me great pleasure in announcing more events sponsorship and marketing – something we have been doing as a company in China since we began way back in 2007.  With the introduc…>> Read more
  1. WHS Sponsored JFC MMA in Shanghai
  2. WHS Sponsored AFLC in Shanghai
  3. WHS Sponsored National BJJ Competition Hold in Beijing
  4. America’s #1 Protein NOW Officially Available In China!
  5. WHS Monthly Promotion – October (Video)
  6. WHS Monthly Promotion – September (Video)

Customer Testimonial

Shenyang - Marty Pagano

Marty Pagano about WHS delivery outside Beijing: "That's great.  I thought that was ONLY for Beijing Residents.  I am more and more happy with your store everyday.  I have many friends here whom I am introducing to your website.  I hope we can provide a lot of business for you all.  Maybe you can open a store in ShenYang someday".


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