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Platinum Pre-Workout (240g,Raspberry Lemonade)Platinum Pre-Workout (240g,Raspberry Lemonade)
Regular Price: ¥599.00 VIP Price: ¥539.10 You Save: 10.00%
Platinum Pre-Workout (240g, Twisted Apple)Platinum Pre-Workout (240g, Twisted Apple)
Regular Price: ¥599.00 VIP Price: ¥539.10 You Save: 10.00%
Pro BCAA Powder (390g)Pro BCAA Powder (390g)
Regular Price: ¥499.00 VIP Price: ¥449.10 You Save: 10.00%
TRX Home Pack ⅡTRX Home Pack Ⅱ
Regular Price: ¥1 867.00 VIP Price: ¥1 400.25 You Save: 25.00%
TRX Home Pack ⅠTRX Home Pack Ⅰ
Regular Price: ¥1 736.00 VIP Price: ¥1 302.00 You Save: 25.00%

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Regular Price: ¥868.00 VIP Price: ¥781.20 You Save: 10.00%
PowerGel Box 71g*24PowerGel Box 71g*24
Regular Price: ¥576.00 VIP Price: ¥518.40 You Save: 10.00%
Shake N Take 3Shake N Take 3
Regular Price: ¥358.00 VIP Price: ¥322.20 You Save: 10.00%
Twinlab Detox PackTwinlab Detox Pack
Regular Price: ¥426.00 VIP Price: ¥299.00 You Save: ¥127.00
Super Gainers Fuel™ 1350 (12lbs)Super Gainers Fuel™ 1350 (12lbs)
Regular Price: ¥888.00 VIP Price: ¥710.40 You Save: 20.00%

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World Health Store Events & CharitiesWHS Events & Sponsorships

WHS Monthly Promotion – September (Video)
WHS nutrition advisors, Jim Dawson and Rock Chai shoot bilingual videos to introduce the September promotion products to help you find the product more suitable for you and at the same t…>> Read more
WHS Sponsored The Bunds Farmers Market In The Eight Art Hotel In Shanghai
  As a sponsor WHS attended The bunds Farmers Market event on August 10th in the Eight Art hotel in Shanghai, heavy rain was promised but the sun came out to shine! WHS prepared a displ…>> Read more
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Customer Testimonial

Shenyang - Marty Pagano

Marty Pagano about WHS delivery outside Beijing: "That's great.  I thought that was ONLY for Beijing Residents.  I am more and more happy with your store everyday.  I have many friends here whom I am introducing to your website.  I hope we can provide a lot of business for you all.  Maybe you can open a store in ShenYang someday".


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